About R2i

Customer acquisition, retention & support for today’s dynamic marketplace.

At R2integrated (R2i), we offer you digital marketing and technology solutions that deliver return on investment in an ever-changing media landscape. Because more and more consumers are migrating towards online environments, you need a partner with a superior set of capabilities to target and inspire your audience.

R2i’s diverse blend of branding, online marketing/advertising and technology solutions have earned us recognition as one of the fastest growing digital marketing and technology firms. Our expertise in open source and community building technology platforms and our modular technology products have secured us a national leadership position in the design and development of digital media properties. This momentum, partnered with our application of timeless marketing and design principals makes R2i a valuable partner for your customer acquisition, retention and support needs in today’s evolving marketplace.

‘The emerging importance of digital advertising is making for a shifting and more complicated advertising terrainÆ’A host of newer firms from outside the traditional ad mainstream dominate the technology-rich process of making and delivering ads to the Web.’
~ Wall Street Journal, Advertising’s Brave New World, 5/25/07