R2i Delivers High-Impact Digital Marketing Services


Right now, somewhere in the vastness of the Internet, communities of potential customers are forming and conversations about your business are occurring. To compete, your online efforts need to engage people, not just at the website, but wherever the action is. At R2integrated (R2i), we use award-winning creative, social media, ROI-driving metrics, and leading-edge technology tools to build lasting connections between your organization and its target audience online.

Digital Marketing Strategy & Management

Remember: Your website is merely one important piece of the puzzle. The R2i philosophy is to help clients create and manage a holistic online marketing strategy. That’s why our sites are engineered to integrate seamlessly with a variety of digital media approaches, including everything from community portals, micro-sites, syndicated video, blogs, widgets, online advertising, and more. The goal is to push your message out to multiple audiences at various online locations with an array of media formats.

R2i builds your corporate website to be the command center of this synchronized digital marketing activity. Our offerings run the full gamut of digital marketing services, from strategic planning & execution to ongoing management, depending on your needs.

Building Online Experiences

Whether your organization needs a corporate site, campaign micro-site, search landing pages, interactive multimedia, community portal, intranet, or a unique marketing tool, R2i’s online marketing services deliver ROI because they’re optimized for your target audience. We begin with strategic thinking and research to gain understanding of your key stakeholders as well as the market forces that may be acting on them. This enables R2i to deploy the particular content, features, and user experience that will resonate with your desired audience. To ensure this content has been successfully chosen and articulated online, we use advanced tools and analytical reports to track and manage specific site goals.

R2i’s design and engineering departments collaborate to deliver the best combination of style and function. Our extensive experience with off-the-shelf and open-source content management systems, rich Internet applications (RIAs), and interactive media gives each website we create the impact and versatility it needs now and well into the future.

Social Media & Search

As our online universe becomes ever more dense, connecting with your audience becomes as critical as it is difficult. To make this challenging connection, your organization needs to establish and maintain a consistent presence during your customers’ social networking and search activities.

At R2i, we have in-depth knowledge of social network theory and social media. We help you to leverage existing social networking sites or, when practical, to build new ones, so you can reap social networking benefits, including user-generated content, community building, and sticky site appeal. To improve your organic and pay-per-click search rankings, R2i has a thorough and up-to-date understanding of prominent search engine technologies and the website characteristics they reward or penalize. R2i can optimize your existing site for search, or we can build your new site with search engine optimization built-in. We have a complete array of SEO offerings, including behavioral analysis, advanced keyword analysis, pay-per-click campaigns, link building, and search-related content development.

Open Source & Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)

At R2i, we are nationally recognized experts in various content management systems, especially DotNetNuke (DNN), the most widely adopted Microsoft-based open-source website platform with over 550,000 users. In fact, some of the most widely used DNN tools, including Open Web Studio, were created by R2i engineers. This deep understanding of Web services provides our clients with unparalleled results in content distribution to target audiences.

We also provide expertise in the leading RIA platforms, including Microsoft Silverlight, Google Web Toolkit & GEARS, and Adobe Flex/Air. These exciting new technologies are empowering sites to deliver desktop-quality applications in an online environment. This new area of expertise demonstrates R2i’s pledge to offer customers best-of-breed solutions that maximize the user experience while maintaining accessibility and SEO compatibility.